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What gives Sydney Crosby the ability to explode past defenders?
What gives Patrick Chan the ability to perform unbelievable jumps?
How does Steve Nash compete against giants in the NBA?
How does Venus Williams get to a drop volley in time?

Speed is the common skill in all these athletes!!

There is a common misconception that people are born with speed. But, speed is like intelligence; itís invisible until itís developed.

One of the challenges of individual athletes and coaches is to recognize that speed is a physical attribute and can be enhanced through proper preparation in any athlete at any age.

Traditional speed training focused on increasing an athleteís muscle and power. The assumption was that the stronger the athlete the faster the athlete. Contemporary speed training programs now incorporate a number of components in developing and maximizing an athleteís speed potential.

Itís now been proven that there are various aspects of training that contribute to enhanced speed or maximum velocity. So, what are the elements that generate maximum velocity and how do we enhance these factors?

Any type of speed training includes activities specific to developing an athleteís reaction time, acceleration, and the stage of transition from acceleration to maximum speed. This latter stage focuses on training the athlete in a way that maximizes the athleteís stride frequency and stride length.

All in all, working on:

  • general body conditioning;
  • strength and explosive power training; and
  • reprogramming the athleteís motor muscle patterns to replicate the motions necessary for optimum speed, will achieve the results necessary for speed success.

General body conditioning gives the athlete the foundation to train and develop at a more efficient and intense level. Strength and explosive power create the force that increases the athleteís ability for speed and acceleration. Repeated high quality exercises, once ingrained in the athlete, will send the athlete into Ďauto pilotí when performing their specialized sport.

For the very best of these popular speed training techniques to help athletes reach new heights in their athletic achievements, call Speed Factory. Located at Iceland Arena in Mississauga, the Speed Factory program offers speed training to complement any specialized sport program from hockey, basketball, soccer and baseball to figure skating. Training includes a combination of general conditioning exercises, extensive plyometric exercises and acceleration training and much more!!

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